State Police cruisers parked at the training site at Fort Devens.

Auxiliary Officer Mike Hamlet looks on as fellow officers practice driving techniques.

Sergeant Glenn Dalrymple centers instructs Auxiliary Sergeant Joe Cibotti and Auxiliary Officer Mike Haddad in this scenario using air soft pistols.

Auxiliary Officers Dan Lee, Mark Haddad, and Mike Woods tend to an "injured" officer in this training scenario.

Car 16 stands ready for the next scenario.  

Sergeant Glenn Dalrymple and Sergeant Craig Denman supervising this tactical training exercise at Hopping Brook Industrial Park. Sergeant Dalrymple gives instructions to the participants.

Auxiliary Officer Sean McDowell utilized a State Police cruiser to navigate the course.

Auxiliary Officer Mike Hamlet and Corporal Judy Gray participated in the Emergency Vehicle Operators Course at the State Police training facility at Fort Devens.

The Holliston Auxiliary Police is a support unit of the Holliston Police Department. The role of the Auxiliary Police Officer is to patrol, observe, report, and provide assistance to the public. The Auxiliary Police provide traffic control for parades, road races, and other community events. The Auxiliary Police patrols on weekend nights by checking town owned and commercial properties and assist the regular police department as needed.

Application Process


            1.    Informational interview


            2.    Interview with Auxiliary staff


            3.    Background investigation


            4.   Psychological Examination


            5.   Physical Examination




Probationary officers will receive training in CPR, First Responder, Defibrillator, Firearms, and on-going monthly training. Selected Officers must attend the Reserve Police Academy which is six (6) months in duration; three nights per week and some Saturdays.


If you are interested in receiving personal satisfaction by serving your community with the Holliston Auxiliary Police, please call and arrange an informational interview with Sergeant Matthew Stone Craig Denman (508)429-1212 or e-mail at



2012 Memorial Day Parade Detail

Holliston Auxiliary Police



            1. At least 24 years of age


            2. United States citizen


            3. Have no extensive motor vehicle      

                record or criminal record


            4. Be in general good health and have

                sufficient strength and stamina and

                be free of all physical and mental

                defects which would interfere with

                the performance of Auxiliary

                Police duties


            5. Ability to obtain a license to carry a




Holliston Auxiliary Police Roster

Captain Jeff Oteri

Sergeant Michael Aw

Sergeant Sean McDowell

Corporal Donovan Seay

Corporal James Ray

Auxiliary Officer David Charette

Auxiliary Officer Jason Fitzgerald

Auxiliary Officer Robert Guyon

Auxiliary Officer Mark Haddad

Auxiliary Officer Michael Hamlet

Auxiliary Officer Danny Lee

Auxiliary Officer Alan Lisak

Auxiliary Officer Daniel Nash

Auxiliary Officer Brian Ream




Holliston Auxiliary Police

Sergeant Matthew Stone



Holliston Police Department

550 Washington Street

Holliston, MA  01746


Photo by Forever Fine Photography, Holliston

2015 Memorial Day Parade Detail

Holliston Police Department

550 Washington Street Holliston, Massachusetts 01746

Business: (508)429-1212 · Fax (508)429-0611

Emergency 9-1-1



Swearing in Ceremony

June 2012

Auxiliary Officer James Carbino (left) and Corporal

Jeff Oteri (right) received achievement awards for the

most hours served. Oteri with 274 hours and Carbino

with 180 hours donated in fiscal year 2011.

Auxiliary Captain Ed Loftus discusses upcoming Auxiliary details at the June Meeting.

Auxiliary Officers (left to right), David Charette, Robert Ramrath, Gregory Schmall, and Donavan Seay are sworn in for the first time by Town Clerk Elizabeth Greendale.

Auxiliary Corporal Jeff Oteri receives the Oath of Office by Town

Clerk Elizabeth Greendale. Oteri was recently promoted to the rank of

Corporal and was officially sworn in June 13, 2012.

Tactical Patrol Training

Hopping Brook Park

Emergency Vehicle Operators Course (E.V.O.C.)

Devens, MA

Auxiliary Officers engage in another scenario during this tactical class.

Auxiliary Officers Mark Haddad and Judi Rizoli provide first aid to an "injured" officer as Corporal Judy Gray checks the "suspect vehicle."

Auxiliary Officer Sean McDowell engages in a tactical scenario.