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Patch image: Holliston Police Department, Massachusetts

A Donation Organization Profile...

While the Holliston Police Department does not distinguish between which organizations to donate money, it strongly urges recipients of donation letters to do research on the advertised fundraising organization prior to making a monetary contribution. Many organizations claim to disperse their collected funds in a useful way. Often, many of the fundraising monies that are collected are advertised to beneficial toward groups such as:

State/Local Police Departments

Public School Systems

Disabled Veterans

What should I do if I receive a donation

letter in the mail?


Do Your Research

A lot of information is available on the Internet or by calling the phone number provided by the fundraising organization.


Ask Questions

Inquire where the donated funds are going and who directly benefits from your contribution. If a company sounds fraudulent, ask to speak with a supervisor or manager who may be able to give you better information.


Contact Authorities

Call your local police department or the Attorney General's Office. While we can not tell you whether or not to donate money, we may be able to provide information regarding fraudulent activity or past involvement with a particular organization.


Trust Your Instincts

If the donation or offer letter seems to good to be true, it probably is!



When/If local organizations (police, fire, teachers association, etc.) are fundraising, it can easily be verified by calling one of the local town offices. Also, many of these departments will advertise and clearly publicize their intentions to fundraise and often the dates that they plan to do so.

    Association for Police Officers



                     - Correctly registered with the MA Attorney General's Office

                     - Collects donations through a 3rd party or "fundraising organization"

                     - Claims to support Federal Officers, Local Police Officers, State          

                       Officers, Correctional Officers, Municipal Officers, Court Officers

                     - Provide a complimentary "decal" to proudly display that you are a

                       law enforcement supporter



    2007 Public Income Tax Information:             

            Total Amount Collected by Association                                                        $179,381

            Amount paid to a 3rd Party  "Fundraising                                                     $109,984

                    Collection Agency" by the Association                                               

                    As a result...


             Total Amount actually collected for Association of Police Officers                 $69,397


                    Of which that amount was spent on....


            - Association "Management Expenses"                                                        $26,583     

            - "Program Services"                                                                                  $20,408

                    - Travel Expenses                                                                                $4,044

                    - Conferences                                                                                      $4,326

                    - Gas/Mileage Expenses                                                                        $5,205

                    - Programs, Education, & Equipment                                                    $6,833


            Total Amount Donated to the original Advertised Cause                                $22,406


                         In Summary....


                        Total Amount Collected by the original Association                          $179,381

                        Total Amount Used for Advertised Cause                                       $22,406





Many of these donation collection Associations are somehow connected to the 3rd party Fundraising Agency where most of the collected money is sent. As a result, a majority of the collected monies often link back to the President of the Association and

not the advertised beneficiary.

Mentally Challenged Persons

Armed Services Personnel


Many of these fundraising organizations advertise in their donation letters that contributions will help with educational programs, training opportunities, memorial funds, youth programs, equipment, and ongoing association operations. While this may be true, the total amount of donations collected far outweigh the percentage of the donated funds that actually go toward the mentioned programs. Please review one particular group that has collected "donations". Please keep in mind that this organization is in fact registered with the Massachusetts Attorney General's Office thus meeting all requirements by state law. However, according to public tax collection information, the funds collected were distributed in the following manner:

Donation/Fundraising Tips